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We always want to perfect and make our house comfortable. A lot of house parts we need to pay attention to. One of the important elements is window. Windows play big role to make a house healthy and convenient. Window designs vary and a window mainly has two parts, frames and pane. Here are some tips to choose right and suitable windows for house based on their model and parts.

windows for house

Varied Designs of Windows
The design of windows for house is better adjusted to the room and its needs. The conventional one, a framed window with a handle in the middle or bottom, is called casement window. If you choose this model, figure out the wind direction. This design will allow you to get optimum air circulation. The other design is sliding window. This design’s strength is that you need less space. Meanwhile, pivot window with a handle in the middle might function as a door also. You can decorate them by making use of a curtain, sandblast or even unique grating for its security.

Choose the Most Proper Materials
A window consists of frame and pane. Wooden frame will give natural and classical sense. However, choose the old wood and you have to polish or paint it regularly. Do not forget to apply anti termite so the wood will last longer. You can also use PVC or aluminum because you will not need extra effort to paint or polish it. You just need a simple treatment by wiping it with a wet cloth. Aluminum is considerably low cost yet its durability is pretty great. For the windowpane, you can use either transparent to let the light pass through or translucent one to value your privacy.

Once again, windows for house should meet the requirements in order to create a comfortable and healthy house. You have a lot of choices and make your home as best as you can.

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