Trendy and Funky Window Valance Ideas

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Providing valance for your interior house design is an amazing window treatment idea. Valance has functional and decorative aspect. For the functional aspect, valance will control the lights and air flow on your window vents. Moreover, your interior house will be cleaner and fresher because the valance will protect any dusts from the outside. For the decorative aspect, valance can surely maximize your interior house design. This upper curtain is available with many concepts and variants. Through this article, we are going to share some trendy and funky window valance ideas that can be your dreamy inspiration.

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window valance styles

Tropical Theme Valance
If you are interested to come up tropical life in your house interior design, this valance is very suitable. The tropical theme valance is designed with unique and attractive touches. This valance is made of brown rope which is arranged like straw tassel. This valance can be combined with ocean blue draperies. For the walling, it will be much worth to be painted in light green leaf color. This unique valance will be suitable to be placed in your bedroom. The natural and refreshing sensation will always accompany your joyful relaxation.

Alt="window valance ideas"

window valance ideas

Wild Life Theme Valance
The second window valance ideas will be pointed to the wild life theme valance. The cheetah leather pattern on this valance becomes an attractive look on your interior house design. This trendy valance is secured with hot pink ribbon that must be suitable for girl’s bedroom. Combination of cheetah leather pattern and pink ribbon can surely liven up the joyful sensation. In order to complete the fun sensation, this combination can be also accepted for pillow and bed covers.

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wildlife theme valance

Storage Valance
This valance is specially designed for you who have limited room space. The storage valance is made of wooden material which is shaped self. It will cover the window vent. The idea here will focus to give more storage for your narrow room space. Through this valance, your stuff can be kept there. Moreover, this valance can also exhibit your decorative ornaments. So, your room will be beautified by this attractive display.

Alt="storage valance"

storage valance

Floral and Paisley Valance
As its name, this valance will emphasize the floral and paisley accent upper your window. You will feel the refreshing and relaxing sensation for all day long through this valance design. Pink flower with charming greenery must be a favorite accent for a girl’s bedroom. This joyful pattern can be also accepted for the draperies.

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floral and paisley valance

Fun Pennant Valance
Pennant valance can be accepted to come up a festive arrangement for your interior house design. Actually, this idea is inspired by a vintage party decoration. The triangular colorful fabrics which are arranged in single line become an awesome concept of this valance. This idea can be applied for your living room. Your family togetherness will be more comfortable and warmer through this joyful valance.

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pennant valance

Cowboy Pattern Valance
This is one of perfect window valance ideas to pump in your kid’s bedroom decoration. You kids must be in a high fantasy level. Therefore, coming up the cowboy figure in his bedroom will be an enticing idea. This valance is dominated with colorful checker board pattern that must be his favorite. In order to support the cowboy style, you can also add some ornaments like cowboy cap and wooden hobby horse.

Here are more pictures of window valance ideas (click for larger version!):

23 Photos of the Trendy and Funky Window Valance Ideas

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