The Patio Design for Aesthetic and Functional Outdoor Space

Outdoor space can be the possible place to do various activities; there are constructions and furniture items that can provide the solution to use the outdoor space for doing various activities. Outdoor is one of the possible location to relax and for other recreational activities. The addition of patio on the outdoor space may provide the location to put certain furniture or to create a garden where the recreational activities may take place. It made the patio design is one of the essential elements for creating functional and aesthetic outdoor space. Basically; a patio is an outdoor space created between a garden and the residential or home.

The common patio design is involving the use of paving flags or slabs; the use of paving is offering the possibility to have decorative pattern as well as more comfortable and functional outdoor space. There are two common paving for creating a patio. The use of stone paving is a more natural choice rather than the use of concrete. The two materials are offering strong and reliable paving solution for the outdoor environment; other materials like cobbles or bricks are also quite common for creating the patio. The use of stone or brick may deliver more decorative effects on the outdoor floor due to their colors and patterns.

20 Photos of the The Patio Design for Aesthetic and Functional Outdoor Space

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