The Awesome Classic Country Style Curtains

You may be also a fan of classic style. The classic style is very awesome to be recalled in this era. Some house owners often deal to enhance the decorative aspect with this style because of its antique and vintage look. You can start to show this style by giving brilliant window treatments with country style curtains. Country style is identical with classic, antique, and welcoming view. This curtain style will be appropriate to be placed in any house interior and construction. We are going to give you some country curtains variants designed by Country Porch Collection that may be your appropriate choice.

The Country Style Curtains with Cottage Check
The cottage check becomes the identical characteristic of any country style. This American country style curtains is made up from fine and premium homespun fabric. This cottage check curtain is mostly sewn preciously and strictly by American craftsmen. The cottage check curtains are available with many colors and pattern selections include brown check, brown mini check, green mini check, navy check, tan check, wheat mini check, and many more. The window size will determine this country style curtain. The price of this decorative stuff will start from $30.98 up to $106.5 per set.

country style kitchen curtains

country style kitchen curtains

The Country Style Curtains with Cottage Striped
The cottage stripe will be also your best choice in enhancing your interior designs through country style curtain. The stripe design is never lasting or timeless. This design is always in heart for many people since many centuries ago till today. Implementing this design into curtains is really an awesome idea. The cottage stripe country style curtain is provided in many color and accents variants include cranberry, brown, Dover, New England, Lexington, and many more. You can get this striped classic country curtain starting from $30.45 up to $109.50. The dimensional size of your window will determine the pricing.

cottage style curtains and drapes

The Original Country Style Curtains
The real view and sensation of country style curtain will be really shown off through the original design. Therefore you can also take the original design to enhance your interior house decoration with country style.

  • The first original design is Camden Ruffled Window. This design is inspired by a farmhouse curtain. The color and style is very simple and natural. The brown colored becomes the main concept for this natural style curtain.
  • You can also deal with Colonial theme. The colonial era is very close with country style. The safari and cream color combined with some horizontal checks will be the main concept for this model.
  • Fishtail swag is classic country curtain that will be very awesome for your interior house design. You will be impressed by the real classic style on it. The drapes will be tied up on both angles. This design will really come up the luxury, elegance, and glamour for your country themed house. The fishtail swag curtain is available with many variants models, such as green briar, federal star, lemon pepper, pine cone, pine ridge, rosemary, saffron, Wood River, and so on.

country lace curtains

These are the classic country style curtains that can be your best choice that can be implemented in any room and house construction. Therefore you can grab them and get the country style inside your house.

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35 Photos of the The Awesome Classic Country Style Curtains

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