Small Kitchen Designs

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Designing a small kitchen can be a complicated task because of the limited space available in smaller kitchens. However, with little planning and creativity you can create attention-grabbing small kitchen designs. Here are some ideas to help you with your small kitchen design project.

small kitchen designs

small kitchen designs

Use Less Furniture Pieces

Due to limited space available in small kitchen it is strongly advised to use less furniture pieces in your kitchen. Avoid using large dining tables that will take a lot of space. In fact, you should avoid using tables and chairs at all if the space is a big issue in your kitchen. In case if you want to use these pieces, consider using sleek and simple chairs and table. For limited spaces, ladder back chairs are a good option. Also, use round table.

small kitchen remodeling designs

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Use Portable kitchen Island

Use a portable kitchen island in your small kitchen. These islands add a style and personality to the kitchen. They add more storage and work space to a kitchen. The best thing about Movable Island is that you can easily transport it across the kitchen. This way, you can cook with ease and use it as a portable dining table.

portable kitchen island

Careful Selection of Colors

When choosing color for your kitchen make sure you don’t use dark colors like black or red. These colors will make your smaller kitchen look even smaller. A wise choice in colors would be lighter shades like white, grey and pale yellow. These colors will create an illusion of more space in your smaller kitchen.

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Maximize Storage Space

To maximize storage pace in your kitchen without compromising the overall design you should use smart or modern storage choices like pullout cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, under the cabinet racks, etc. There are many great choices in smart storage for kitchen. It would be wise to consult a professional kitchen designer to know more about different types of storage solutions.

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Lighting Choices

You have plenty of good choices in lighting, such as pendants, spotlights, recessed lights etc. In small kitchens, recessed lighting is a good option. This is mainly because this lighting gives ceiling more appealing and a taller look.

Window Treatments

If your kitchen has windows, you will need to use window treatments. You can choose from valances, shades and curtains depending on what suits your kitchen the best. Use light colors for treatments in your kitchen.

Remove Dividers/Doors

If your kitchen is adjacent to the dining room or living room, you can remove the divider or door of your kitchen to merge it with the dinning or living room. This way, you can create a modern design and add more space to your kitchen. However, this design idea may not be a viable option for some homeowners.

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Floor Design

Avoid using large tiles in your kitchen floor and walls. These tiles make the floor and wall less pleasing to eyes than smaller tiles that significantly increase the visual size of kitchen.

In short, keep these important design tips into mind to create perfect small kitchen designs.

Here are some pictures of small kitchen designs (click to enlarge!):

28 Photos of the Small Kitchen Designs

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