Small kitchen: design, ideas and furniture

Small kitchen design: to do a small to large.

Small kitchen is uncomfortable and each of housewife knows it. Nonetheless, small kitchen are integral part of our life. Unfortunately, they not become larger of laments on the theme of lack of space, tiny living space, and other descriptions of the disadvantages of such a premises. Notwithstanding, you can cope with a small space.

In the interior design of a small kitchen the first task is the increase to space. Walls do not expand and, basically, do not move,(and even if walls can be moved it turns a small kitchen and small room and no one knows what`s worse.) Hence, remains the use of visual effects.

White and light colors, especially cold, visually expand the space. Abundance of shiny, chrome and mirror surfaces enhances the effect of expansion. Mirrors «work»  especially well. Use them to not only to visually expand a small kitchen but also to create the effect of additional lighting (especially at night when include the luminaries.) If a small kitchen has lots of mirrors then instead of the stuffy closely room we get airy space. Such an extension has beneficial effects for psychological comfort and significantly improves an appearance of the premises, despite the fact that it is a visual.

How to decorate. Small kitchen ideas.

Use large, massive furniture’s in a small kitchen is impractical. Such furniture’s clutters the small space, reduces a psychological comfort zone and looks very absurdly. A quality, beautiful, elegant and expensive furniture’s, if it is massive, made of natural wood, in s small kitchen it catastrophically loses its form. But may be used contrasts «small-large». For example, all furniture’s for small kitchen is chosen to small size (than less is better), except for a cupboard. In this case the shelf can be a massive. Due to a contrast the space is expanding just like through the use of the correct color gamut’s.

The best furniture’s for the small kitchen design are furniture’s made of glass, plastic and with abundance of metal decor. The lockers collected of metal pipes with chrome plated and mirrors are look great. Such lockers gives the interior some lightness, and can enhance the effect by using spotlights installed in the ceiling above a cupboard or placed along the top of the cupboards.

In small kitchen design allowed to use even the window openings to the accommodate the shelves. However, wooden shelves are looked just awful in such openings. It is also blocks the light and the dark room is always visual less than light room. Therefore the best option is a shelves made of chrome tubes. These shelves can be quite large but due to reflective surface, they will create the air effect.

Small kitchen furniture.

Placement of furniture in a small kitchen is a real art. Possible to place the furniture as far away from doorways to facilitate entry to the kitchen. A more open type of space extends the kitchen space.

The small kitchen design should be different a well thought-out of placement object n the room. Necessary to decide where to store dishes, where to store a dishwashing detergent and etc. An ideal storage locations are small boxes-cell. If all kitchen appliance are hidden then the kitchen space will increased greatly. Is known that the room overloaded various trifles, for example the many souvenirs, looks much more closely than room where all the details are hidden behind cabinet doors. The zoning of small kitchen is carried out by means lighting. The common table is well separated from the common a spotlights, dining table a lamp moving in a vertical plane.

Small kitchen is a perfect training of design. Even in a such space, you can create a design work of art, besides, it will be very convenient to use in everyday life and not just one the front photo.

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