Small Bathroom Design

Alt="small bathroom floor plans"

small bathroom floor plans

Creating small bathroom design is not always easy. It is especially when you never really have any experience in creating it. In this case, the things which may be helpful for you are nothing else but some tips you can consider and then apply in the design of the bathroom. This way, the bathroom can still be a comfortable room even if the size of it is rather small.

Items to be Included in the Design
The very first tip about small bathroom design is related more to the items you are about to place in the bathroom. Since the space in the bathroom is so limited, you have to be focused. It means you have to think about items you significantly need in the bedroom.

Alt="small bathroom design"

simple small bathroom design

Basically, there are several items can be listed for you in this case. Those are shower tub, toilet, wall mirror, and also a sink. If you want to, you can add an accessory like towel rack or hanger since this can also be beneficial for you whenever you need to clean yourself up in the bathroom.

Alt="small bathroom design"
Alt="small bathroom layout"

small bathroom layout

Alt="small bathroom design for reducing the budget"

small bathroom design for reducing the budget

There Is No Need to Store Your Supplies in the Bathroom
Another tip you have to consider as well when about to create a small bathroom design is; you do not need to store all bathroom supplies in the bathroom area because it is so clear that there is not enough space available in there for all of those. This is also the reason why it is more suggested for you to choose bathroom sink only instead of the one completed with vanity which can be used for extra storage. In relation to this tip, you can provide a special storage outside the bathroom area, which is also not too far from the bathroom, in order to store all bathroom supplies you usually need.

More ideas for small bathroom design (click to enlarge!):

12 Photos of the Small Bathroom Design

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