Simple Yet Highly Effective Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen design ideas

Every homeowner, especially women, want to have a well-decorated and attractive-looking kitchen. One can’t deny the importance of kitchen in keeping family members close. It is the place where all members of a family get together to enjoy delicious meals and have meaningful discussions. If you are looking for new kitchen design ideas, here you will find some simple yet high effective ideas.

Add A Kitchen Peninsula

A kitchen peninsula or island is a perfect idea to give your kitchen a new life and look. You can incorporate an island in the center of your kitchen or you can add it to connect your kitchen with the living room. More and more homeowners are opting for kitchen island because it gives a modern look to kitchen and makes an attention-grabbing focal point in your home. It allows you to cook or eat your meals, while at the same time you can watch TV or have visual contact with others.

kitchen peninsula

kitchen island design ideas

Upgrade Kitchen Cabinetry

There is a phenomenal range of cabinets out there to fulfill the needs of all types of homeowners. When selecting cabinets for your kitchen take the overall design and available space into close consideration. Choose material and color that will suit the overall design of your kitchen. One popular choice in kitchen cabinetry is wooden cabinets. A surefire way to enhance the appearance of cabinetry is to use the matching door and window frames. This way, your kitchen will look like a designer made kitchen.

kitchen design layout ideas

Alt='kitchen design ideas"

kitchen design ideas

Galley Kitchens

If you are working on the remodeling of this important room, one option to consider is a galley kitchen. This type of kitchen design is highly efficient. It includes a single walkway with kitchen counters running down either side. These walkways give enough room for easy movement between the cooking area and the counters.

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galley kitchen design

Create A Kitchen Canopy

Add canopies to your kitchen. It is probably the best way to enhance the border areas in your kitchen without obstructing any views. They also create an illusion of more space which makes them an ideal option for smaller kitchens.

Alt='kitchen canopy"

kitchen canopy


A very important part of a kitchen is its countertops. Several different materials are used for kitchen countertops, so you have plenty of good choices. Some popular choices include limestone, marble, and granite. You can choose between a solid face and tiled countertop. From a hygiene point of view, consider installing solid face countertops. If you have a high budget, consider using laminate countertops. Granite countertops are also very popular. Wooden countertops are also gaining popularity in modern homes, but they are not durable and practical for busy kitchens.

Alt='countertops kitchen"

countertops kitchen

The bottom line is: you have unlimited kitchen design ideas that you can use to have an attractive-looking and fully functional kitchen. Simply use your creativity and don’t afraid to experiment. Remember, you are only bound by your imaginations when it comes to designing a kitchen. If you still need more ideas, consult a professional kitchen designer.

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24 Photos of the Simple Yet Highly Effective Kitchen Design Ideas

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