Planters Ideas for Your Kitchen Window

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At this point of time, people usually only use kitchen window ideas which are related to shades and covering. The fact is there are many other ideas they can also use in order to make kitchen window to look different. Moreover, there are also ideas which can make the window to be more than just an access to see the surroundings outside the kitchen. The example of this is none other but window planters which can be used to plant various types of small plants.

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kitchen window ideas

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Window Planters for Beauty
Basically, there are two additional function can be obtained from the kitchen window ideas in which planters are included. The first one is beauty function which can be obtained by planting small size flowers in the planters. Even if the flowers are planted outside, the beauty of these can really affect the interior design of the kitchen area. Of course, since the flowers are real, you have to know also about how to take care of these so the beauty.

Window Planters for Free Kitchen Ingredients
If the beauty function explained previously seems to be not enough, there is still another function you can obtain from the window planters. The function is none other but the place where you can grow your very own spices. This way, you can always get fresh and free ingredients which you can really use in cooking. It can be better also if you plant some ingredients with fragrance there. This way, whenever you open the window you will be able to get free natural air refresher that can make your kitchen area to smell goo all the time. With these kitchen window ideas, you can of course be able to deal with the bad odor often occur in your kitchen area because you cook something in there.

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window plant for kitchen

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kitchen window curtain ideas

13 Photos of the Planters Ideas for Your Kitchen Window

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