Kitchen Window Treatment

Alt="kitchen window treatment ideas 2014"

kitchen window treatment ideas 2014

Some women will probably have their kitchen as their favorite room among all of rooms in their house. That is why some of them will put so much effort in decorating their kitchen. Choosing the furniture and the design interior will be some things very important. So ladies, maybe you need to consider the kitchen window treatment. Window treatment is an interior decorating element placed on, in, around, or over a window. Often, a goal of professional window treatment is to install the elements which enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room.

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Treatments for covering window may include hard treatments and soft treatments. Hard treatments are window shutters, window blinds and window shades. The soft treatments are curtains, drapery, etc. For kitchen, of course we need window treatment that is rather different from other rooms. There are several things to consider when it comes to kitchen window treatment.

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kitchen curtains colors

Tips for Great Window Treatments
There are several tips to make your kitchen more attractive and beautifully arranged. The first one you need to get rid of heavy window coverings because minimalist is better. You may replace them with simple shades. The second one is that you have to keep in your mind that natural light in the kitchen is very essential.

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kitchen window treatment

The next one is that you need to pick the right color combination. If you are using fabric, make sure it is in a contemporary tone. If your kitchen is particularly tiny, then light, cool colors can make it look larger and brighter, while dark, warm colors can make an oversized kitchen more inviting. The next to do is trying some texture.

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modern kitchen window treatment

Another hot trend is Roman shades made of rattan, bamboo or other natural fibers, says Pelley: “They add visual interest with their texture, but still roll up smoothly like the Roman shades of old.” Too much direct sunlight is also an issue in kitchens since it makes it hot and unpleasant to work in. Simple wood blinds or woven wood shades, like the Provenance sold by Hunter Douglas, will filter the light without looking too heavy. “There are typically lots of straight lines in the kitchen — the cabinets, the appliances, the counters —everything is straight or square,” says Pelley. “It’s a good idea to add a window treatment with soft curves to open the space up, especially in a small kitchen.”

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kitchen window treatment with freestanding cabinet

Arching a valance is a good option, particularly over the sink. Other options include a curved cornice, a box-pleated valance with a curved line along the bottom or a London Shade from Smith + Noble that is nearly flat at the top but falls from inverted pleats to gentle swags along the bottom, with wings at either side.

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kitchen window treatment roman blinds

Advantages of Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments
There are several advantages of using kitchen window treatments. Its decoration is very luxurious and elegant. The furniture chosen will influence the look that will become after that. The combination of colors has to be suitable with the color of the walls. The kitchen is very important because many women spend most of the time there. So it is important to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible using kitchen window treatments.

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