Kitchen Wall Decor Projects

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When it comes to decorate and design a kitchen there are various good options that you can choose. One of the best of all is to decorate the walls in your kitchen. It is pretty straight forward that blank walls look very uninteresting and boring. That’s why if you want to add a new life to your kitchen chooses wall decoration. Here are some fun and interesting kitchen wall decor projects.

Use Paper Plate Collection

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You can use porcelain plate collection, but to make it more interesting you can use paper plates. You can use plates in different colors, patterns and shapes. You can also use these paper plates as frames and put a photo, recipe or artwork in the center. Apply a layer of varnish or sealer to your paper plates in order to protect the plate and pictures. This decor idea will work in all types of kitchens.

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Use Vintage Silverware

To make the walls in your kitchen more appealing and pleasing to eyes, use vintage silverware. Use of silverware on the walls will add a classy look to your kitchen. You can highlight their luster using simple frames or you can group them in different pairs according to their size. Another way to showcase silverware is the use of shadow boxes. It is one of the simplest kitchen wall decor projects, but it looks very appealing. Make sure you use a strong adhesive that can easily hold the weight of the silverware.

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Decorate Walls with Framed Recipes

This is another great wall decoration idea that you can use in your kitchen. It is very simple, but can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen. You can use a rectangular aluminum fluted tart tin to display your favorite recipe on the wall of your kitchen.

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Use Wall Murals

You can use almost any kind of picture in your kitchen. Wall murals look very pleasing to eyes. They are a perfect choice to create refreshing atmosphere in your kitchen.

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Use Mirrors to Decorate Walls

Mirrors are one of the best kitchen wall decor projects. If you are not using mirrors in your kitchen, consider it now. It will give your kitchen an elegant look because mirrors and glass are the symbols of modernity and elegance. There are various ways to decorate the walls in your kitchen with mirrors. For example, you can use a large mirror with a glided frame. You can also use frameless kitchens in your kitchen. The choices are too many and you are only bound by your own imaginations.

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Use Artwork on the Kitchen Walls

Any kind of artwork will look great on the walls of your kitchen. However, if you live in rented home or apartment, make sure the owner allows you to put nails in the walls. Alternatively, you can use vinyl wall art stickers. They are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes.

In short, use any of the above mentioned ideas to create perfect kitchen wall decor projects.

23 Photos of the Kitchen Wall Decor Projects

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