How Much Will It Cost To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you planning on refacing your kitchen cabinetry? If yes, then there are some important things that you should take into close consideration. One of these things is the cost of refacing cabinets. A clear understanding of how much will it cost to refinish kitchen cabinets will help you make a wise decision about whether or not refacing is a viable option for you. Let’s have a quick look at some ways that you can use to estimate the refinish cost.

refinish kitchen cabinets

refinish kitchen cabinets

First of all, you need to visit different shops or service providers that offer refinish services. The prices may vary from shop to shop. Some service providers may charge a low fee; others may charge a high fee. It totally depends on the quality of their service, experience in this field and time frame in which they will complete the refinish project. This is your job to collect quotes from different service providers and compare these quotes to find the best service provider. This practice will also give you a clear idea of the current trend in refinishing.

reface kitchen countertops

refinish kitchen countertops

painting kitchen cabinets with purple cabinet

Types of materials used for refinish also hold great importance as a cost determining factor. Different service providers use different materials and processes. You should choose those service providers that use high quality material and efficient processes. It will definitely cost you a bit more than an average refinish service, but it is worth paying a bit extra for high quality results. Bear in mind that efficient processes will lower the labor cost and high quality materials will lower the maintenance cost. So, these services are cost-effective both in the short and the long run.

refinish kitchen cabinets ideas

Duration of your kitchen cabinet refinish project can have a huge impact on the overall cost. If you need this service on urgent basis, be ready to pay more. On the other hand, if timing and duration is not an issue, you can pay less and still get a high quality job. Most service providers may not want to extend the refinish project projects to weeks or months, while others may not be able to start immediately. So, keep this factor into mind when estimating the cost of kitchen cabinetry refinishing and hiring a service provider.

refinish kitchen cabinets cost

Expertise of the service provider is another important factor that will have both direct and indirect effect on the cost of your refinish kitchen cabinet project. Avoid hiring novice or amateur service providers. They may not be able to do the refinishing job in the correct manner. On the other hand, experienced service provider can give you tips on how you can get the refinish job done at the lowest price possible. Also, they can do this job within a quick time period. They may also know the best places to buy materials for cabinet refacing.

refinish kitchen with red cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets

refinish kitchen with white cabinets

On the whole, use all your sources and carry out your homework to estimate the overall cost of refacing kitchen cabinets. Get in touch with the professionals in this industry to get some good cost saving tips and advice.

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