House Window Tinting

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Color element is essential when we are decorating a house. Color determines mood and expectedly impresses our guests. Therefore we need to be careful to choose the right ones. House window tinting is one of the ways. First, we need to select the colors then do not forget the most important part: the tinting process itself.

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house window tinting

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Colors Make Your Day!
Firstly, we need to see the concept of your house. Adjust the color to the interior and exterior of the house. If your house is classic, you might use white, black, brown, or other dark colors. You can also consider dark blue or dark green as your option. However, modern and minimalist concepts are mostly loved by people recently. The right color choice is bright colors. Making the colors of the windows similar with the doors or walls is also recommended.

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Tint It in a Right Way
Before doing the house window tinting, we need to make sure what materials we use for the window frames. If you use wooden frames, you might either paint it or let the wood fibers dominate the appearance. If you want your windows look as classic as your house concept, you just need to polish it. Therefore, you and your guests will not miss the uniqueness of the fibers. Another option is by applying oil paint. People are fond of using the oil paint because of its simplicity. There is also another alternative: duco. You will have more color choices and better result. Duco paint can be applied by using brush or spraying it. The recommended one is spraying because the result is more satisfying. Unfortunately, because of the processing, it takes more time compared to oil paint. After finding out the tips, it is now time to apply your own house window tinting. It is worth a shot to make your own creation.

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13 Photos of the House Window Tinting

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