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Decorating and updating your interior house design will not always force you to spend a buck of money. If you can be creative and smart in looking for inspiration, you can be a lucky person. You have to realize that reclaimed wood is a material which is cheap and esthetic. By pouring your imagination, this ordinary material will be a worthy decorative ornament that can maximize your house design. Therefore, we are going to share some inspiring decoration of reclaimed wood that can be practiced for your home projects.

fun home projects

fun home projects

Colorful Fiery Centerpiece
This idea is inspired by a bon fire figure. This decoration will be much worth for your holiday moment at home. This home project will focus to enhance the table centerpiece at your dining table.

bottle home craft projects

You can start for choosing five pieces of reclaimed wood. You have to make sure that each piece is clean and smooth. After that, you are required to decorate every single piece with colorful bulb. After being spanned with colorful lights, you can arrange those reclaimed woods like a bon fire. When the lights are turning on, you will feel the real excitement for your dining moment.

home craft projects

Exotic Chandelier
If you cannot find the best chandelier for your interior and exterior decoration, it’s better for you to customize with your own taste. The reclaimed wood can be transformed into a decorative ornament that is surely stylish. This is one of home projects that can give you satisfying decoration.

exotic chandeliers

exotic chandeliers

The wood reclaimed will be constructed like a jar that will be put candle on it. It will be hanged above your coffee table. This decoration will surely catch your guests’ attentions. You can combine this exotic chandelier with greenery and sparkling ornaments on it.

easy home projects

easy home projects

Gilded Shining Fireplace
This is a unique home projects idea that can maximize your tiring fireplace. This is true that a joyful moment in the night will not complete with a fireplace. It will keep you stay warm and cozy in such relaxing moments. However, you must be tired to turn on the fire on every relaxing occasion.

unique home projects idea

unique home projects idea

Actually, you can be creative by making it gilded and shining without fire. You can set some orange light bulbs which cover the fireplace frame and woods. This arrangement can surely enhance your interior house design, and the sensation of campfire still exists. Maybe this video give you helpful guides:

There are some pictures of home projects (click to enlarge!):

19 Photos of the Home Projects

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