Glazing Cabinets Before And After

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If you’re bored with your old cabinets, perhaps it’s time for glazing them. You can see the difference of glazing cabinets before and after the process.

Reasons of Glazing
Outdated cabinets will influence their surroundings. Because cabinets are the place where you often save your belongings and they also take larger space in your room, outdated cabinets will give significant effect to the room itself. You will realize once you see glazing cabinets before and after. Usually before glazing process, your cabinets may look unattractive and even they will make your room darker. Some people try to replace their cabinets with new things, but it’s similar with throwing something useful.

Alt="glazed kitchen cabinets before and after"
glazing kitchen cabinets before and after

glazing kitchen cabinets before and after

glazing cabinets before and after

how to glaze cabinets paint

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glazing process

Other people try to glaze their cabinets. After the glazing process, the difference can be seen directly. Your room will appear to be lighter. Besides giving glossy look to your cabinets, glazing cabinets also will make your outdated cabinets to have more sense of antique in a beautiful way. Your outdated cabinets will change into the new cabinets instantly and you don’t need to spend much money on it.

This video may useful for you how to glazing kitchen cabinets:

Some people paint their cabinets first before they glaze them. Cream paint is one of the best choices to make your room lighter. Glazing will not work if you don’t prepare the cabinets first. And applying the right paint will help your cabinets’ appearance when you want to glaze them. Some people use 100- to 220-grit sandpaper so the cabinets’ surface has the ability to absorb the paint more easily. Before painting, it would be better for you to apply a primer in order to get the solid result. However, if the material of your cabinets is made from cherry or maple, primer that is oil-based is the good option for it.

how to paint and glaze cabinets

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glazing kitchen cabinets black

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glazing kitchen cabinets techniques

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glazing painted kitchen cabinets

There are many glaze products in the store, such as oil-based glaze and water-based glaze. If you have much time, you can choose oil-based glaze because it takes longer period to dry. Choose the best glaze product that suits with your cabinets’ surroundings. If glazing cabinets’ process is done, it doesn’t mean your work stops there. Protecting your cabinets’ surface is not really important, but it would be better if you do. You can use a clear topcoat to cover the surface of your cabinets to make it last longer and avoid scratch and other possible damage. After finishing this process, it’s time for you to distinguish glazing cabinets before and after the process.

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glaze cabinet

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glazing white cabinets

Alt="glazing white kitchen cabinets"

glazing white kitchen cabinets

Alt="glazed kitchen cabinets before and after"

glazed kitchen cabinets before and after

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painting oak kitchen cabinets cream

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white glazed kitchen cabinets pictures

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best glazing kitchen cabinets

17 Photos of the Glazing Cabinets Before And After

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