Floating Candle Centerpieces Designs

floating candles

Floating candle centerpieces can be decoration objects that add magical atmosphere on to your table. Reflection of the dancing fire on the water’s surface creating the best decoration you have ever wanted. Floating candles are not difficult to make. You just need to be creative and patient in order to get the best floating candles.

Wedding Floating Candle design
Creating the floating candles centerpieces that suit your occasion is important. When you want to make floating candle centerpieces for a wedding, you should consider some parts of the floating candles including the color, size and also the type of holder that match with the overall theme of the wedding. Type of the holder can be measured by knowing the size of the tables. You will need the big one that can contain several candles if you have large table. The color can be varied as long as it suits the bride’s color and also the wedding theme.

Scented Floating Candle design
You can bring positive and fresh aroma into your rooms by making scented floating candle centerpieces. Scented floating candle can be made by gathering your favorite scents, such as mint, lemon, or rosemary into a jar. Some aromatic oil also can be added to make the smell divine.

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10 Photos of the Floating Candle Centerpieces Designs

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