Everything about Window Replacement

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Besides done by professionals, you can do your own window replacement process. But before that, there are several types of basic information that you should understand before replacing your window.

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Basic Information

Replacement window is different from full-frame window. Replacement window usually can be adjusted with window openings that were already installed. Replacement window is also available in general sizes, from 11 ½ inches until 68 inches for its width. Moreover, the materials for replacement window can be consisted from vinyl, fiberglass, wood, vinyl-clad wood, and aluminum-clad wood. Basically, there are three kinds of window replacement process, such as sash kits, inserting replacements, and full-frame units. Sash kits means you can replace the old window frame with new parts that can be moved. Jamb liners and sash are some parts that are included. However, when it comes to the sash kits, the shape of your window should be square for easiness in replacement.

Inserting replacement means there will be new jambs and liners. The process starts when you’re inserting the replacement into opening that was already existed; then you’re adjusting it with the existing side jambs. In your window parts, if you think that your window’s jambs, sill, and frame are already damaged or old, you can practice the full-frame units. It’s slightly similar with inserting replacement. 

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