Different Types of Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

Kitchen is the most versatile room in your home. It requires more storage space than any other room in your house. These storage spaces need to be diverse and should be able to accommodate a wide variety of items, such as utensils, and non-perishable food, etc. For large families, large kitchens are required that have bigger storage cabinets. For these settings, kitchen pantry cabinet offer a perfect solution to all types of storage needs.

kitchen pantry cabinet

kitchen pantry cabinet

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You should bear in mind that if you don’t have easy and quick access to food and other essentials, you will have trouble completing your cooking tasks. When looking for kitchen pantry cabinets, you should make sure they are sturdy and come with a variety of accessories and options for additional functionality. Let’s have a quick look at different types of kitchen pantry cabinets.

kitchen pantry cabinets

Utility Cabinet

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This cabinet is ideal to store ingredients for meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also store snacks in this pantry cabinet. It has plenty of space for heavier items as well as for standard pantry items.

Base Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

If you want to store food where you can easily view it whenever you want, consider using base pantry cabinet. This cabinet can be installed under the table or kitchen island. It gives quick and access to food items.

kitchen pantry cabinet plans

Roll Out Tray Cabinets

You can install these cabinets in the corner, within the traditional cabinets and under the kitchen island. These cabinets are ideal for storing pots, pans and small appliances.

Pots and Pans Roll Out Cabinets

These pantry cabinets are designed for pots and pans. They make the maximum use of empty space in traditional cabinets. They keep your pots and pans protected from scratches. You can easily grab the desired pot or pan that is stored in this cabinet. This pantry cabinet has a drawer at the top that you can use to store small cooking tools and utensils.

kitchen storage cabinets

kitchen pantry cabinet design ideas

Corner Cabinet

A very good way to make use of the corner space in your kitchen is to install a corner kitchen pantry cabinet. These cabinets are available in different designs and styles. The most popular option in corner cabinets is pull out cabinet that you can open in one easy pull.

Spice Rack

To make the most of the wall space in your kitchen, consider adding wall-mounted spice rack. These racks are ideal for storing jars, bottles and cans.

pantry door rack organizer

tall kitchen pantry cabinets

Sink Storage Pull Out

The space below the sink can be used for storage. This can happen with the help of a sink storage pull out cabinet. You can store cleaning items in this cabinet. These storage spaces are easy to maintain.

On the whole, there are many other types of kitchen pantry cabinets that you can use to store all types of items, including food, utensils and appliances. Bear in mind that if you have special storage needs, you can hire professional kitchen designer to make customized kitchen pantry cabinets for your kitchen.

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19 Photos of the Different Types of Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

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