Different Types of Exterior Doors

Are you looking for attractive and durable exterior doors for your home? You have plenty of good choices. Here you’ll read about three most popular choices in exterior doors.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

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This type of exterior doors are for those homeowners that are looking for strong and secure doors. These doors are not only very strong, but also they are very energy efficient. They look and feel a lot like wood doors. But, they don’t warp, crack, peel, scratch, expand or swell like wood doors. In fact, they are three times stronger than wood exterior doors.

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exterior fiberglass doors

In some cases, you can paint or stain your fiberglass door to make it look more attractive. They have a wood grain texture molded into them. This wood grain texture make fiberglass doors look of a real wood door when stained or painted. They do not require regular maintenance and are ideal for long term use.

Wood Exterior Doors

These doors are very popular among homeowners because they provide the most decorative and personalized options to homeowners. They can be painted or stained. They are thick and heavy. They are available in a wide variety of finishes. They require regular maintenance, so they are not ideal for long term use.

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wood exterior doors

Steel Exterior Doors

They are undoubtedly the most energy efficient exterior doors on the market. They have less decorative options as wood exterior doors. These types of doors are perfect for those homeowners that live in harsh weather conditions. They provide a great sense of security. They also require regular maintenance because they can get dents. Fortunately, their repairing cost is much lesser wood doors.

You now have three of the best options. You can choose the best. It is advisable to keep in mind several important factors such as your region, home decor or style, budget and the level of protection you need.

Let’s see more pictures of exterior doors (click to enlarge!):

39 Photos of the Different Types of Exterior Doors

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