Curtain Rods Hunt: Should Every Room Get One?

Have you been feeling tired after long hours at work, and has it been going on for some time? Seriously, this cannot be overlooked. Feeling worn out is a sign that some refreshing actions need to be done. The idea of having good and relaxed time at home after work makes many couples choose to get their dream house at the suburb area. However, elements that make a house comfortable and relaxing to enjoy do not only rely on the location and landscape. Both exterior and interior have to blend harmoniously. Embracing colder seasons, some interior adjustments seem to need a bit of attention. Think about working on some interior decorations.

curtain rods

curtain rods

When the climates cool down, activities will be centered in the house. Although it might seem boring compared with the dynamic outdoor play, being together inside the house brings many options to develop stronger bonds among family members. The question is how to make rooms attractive and comfortable to stay in? A small detail that should not be neglected is Curtain Rods installation. Most home owners tend to focus on the curtains since it is a visible element but do not pay serious attention on the rods. Are you aware that there are at least four different basic rods? And that the right rod can significantly influence overall tone of a room?

curtain rods design

modern curtain rods designs

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Details to Perfection
End of summer may be a good time to hunt for new rods. Time wise, it is estimated that when the temperature becomes too cold to have barbeque in the backyard, it still can be done in a warm, cozy kitchen with a wow effect from new Curtain Rods. Choosing rod designs that will fit in the dining room, a U-shape or classic type could be a charming choice. But before getting into which types you will pick, let’s have a closer look at each one:

  • Rods with basic U-shape is called return rod. This is a precise option if lights from outside or from other rooms need some blocking. This is available in double style, too, providing layering effects.
  • The most common rods is perhaps the classic type. This rod normally features some ornaments with end caps at both sides.
  • Similar shape as classic but with simpler design. This is usually just fit the window frame, and best of all, budget friendly.
  • A rod that can be placed on both ceiling and wall portraying tracks is track rod. It is very convenient to help sliding curtain easily.

tension curtain rods

Rods and Curtain: Elements that Blend Together
Which Curtain Rods then that fits bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom? Does one type fit all? Hunting the right rods will need elaborate search, mix and match between the curtain and rod materials, ornaments as well as colors. Either way, curtain and rods can complement each other, thus, it does not matter which one is selected first, the other one can be adjusted. Keep in mind proportional composition between curtain and rod, since heavy curtain will definitely need stronger and sturdy rods. Considering the above identification of rod types, home owners can also pick the rod first, then decide what kinds of curtain and details that will suit it best. Tiebacks on curtains is also a detail that should not be missed.

Get more pictures of curtain rods (click to enlarge!):

20 Photos of the Curtain Rods Hunt: Should Every Room Get One?

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