Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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Bathroom vanity cabinets should be your top priority if you are considering renovating or remodeling your bathroom. These cabinets make a focal point in a bathroom. That’s the reason why you should give special attention to them. Not only they will provide you and your family with ample space for storage, but they will help you enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Here are some tips for you to choose the right bathroom vanity cabinets.

bathroom vanity cabinets

bathroom vanity cabinets

Different Types & Styles

The best thing about vanity cabinets for bathrooms is that they are readily available in different designs and styles. You can definitely have cabinets that fit the design of your bathroom and your particular design ideas. Some popular types of bathroom vanity cabinets, rimmed cabinets, under-mounted cabinets and surface mounted cabinets, etc. You can also choose vanity cabinets based on their style. Some popular styles include traditional, contemporary and modern style. You can choose any of these based on your personal preferences.

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bathroom vanities

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bathroom vanities and tops

Size of Your Bathroom

One of the most important considerations when choosing bathroom vanity cabinets is the size of your bathroom. The size will have a direct effect on your selection. For example, you will have limited choices for small bathrooms. This is mainly because not all cabinets are a good option for a small bathroom.

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bathroom L-Shaped cabinets

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bathroom furniture vanities

Material of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

The type of material that you want to choose for your vanity depends on the type of look you want to create in your bathroom. Popular materials include vitreous china, wood, metal, porcelain, etc.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Doors

Take the current design of your bathroom into consideration when choosing doors and drawers for your vanity cabinets. Make sure these essentials match with the design of your bathroom. You can have doors in different color than the vanity. It is strongly advised to hire a professional designer if you want to experiment with contrasting colors in your bathroom.

bathroom vanity cabinets doors

bathroom vanity cabinets doors

Extra Storage Space In Vanity Cabinets

You can maximize the storage space in your vanity cabinet by adding smart cabinet solutions. For example, you can use pullout drawers. There are many great choices that you can use to maximize the storage space. You can also add a linen cabinet.

Vanity Cabinet Lights

You can use vanity lights to light around the vanity and to supplement the central light in your bathroom. You can add a large or small light over the vanity.

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bathroom vanity cabinets light

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modern bathroom vanities and sink

Alt='modern bathroom vanity cabinets"

modern bathroom vanity cabinets

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36 inch bathroom vanity

Mirror For Vanity Cabinet

For mirror, you can choose between framed and frame-less options. You can also use illuminated mirrors to create a unique style and look in your bathroom.

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bathroom vanity mirrors

Alt='contemporary bathroom vanities"

contemporary bathroom vanities mirrors

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bathroom cabinets

On the whole, the choices in bathroom cabinets seem almost endless. Bear in mind that these cabinets are going to be the most visible features in your bathroom. They have to look perfect and blend well with the rest of the design of your bathroom. That’s why, you should take your time and do research about bathroom vanity cabinets before making a final decision.

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