Bunk Beds for Kids

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boys bunk bed

The most important thing about decorating a kid’s room is the choice of the bunk bed. Of course parents should know how to choose the best bunk beds for kids. There are several things parents should consider in choosing the bunk beds.

Check the equipment
Choosing the best and the safest bunk beds for kids are parents responsibility. Bunk beds are fun for kids, but parents should make sure that the bunk beds and the equipment are all safe. Start by taking inventory of the bunk bed’s safety measures. Since one of the main appeals of a bunk bed is its height, you’ll want to make sure that the bunk bed comes with a sturdy ladder. It is important because children like to climb the ladder.

Alt="white futon bunk bed"

white futon bunk bed

You will also need to make sure that the ladder is firmly attached to the bed frame to keep kids from getting any creative ideas about removing it. Another safety measure you’ll want to have is railings for both sides of the top bunk. Most of the injuries that come from bedroom furniture are from children falling off the top bunk.

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kids twin bunk beds

The bed is age appropriate
When you choose kids’ beds for your children, you need to be careful who gets assigned to the top bunk. The top bunk is more ideal for older children. Climbing up and down a ladder each night and morning may prove difficult for a toddler.

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black futon bunk bed

In addition, toddlers are top-heavy and tip over quite easily. The lower bunk would be a much more appropriate bed for younger children. If you have toddlers, think about investing in a low-profile bunk bed. These beds are lower to the ground, which makes it easier for young children to climb in and out of them. The bed sturdiness is also very important.

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wooden bunk beds

Regular maintenance
Like all of house furniture, bunk beds for kids also need regular maintenance. You have to check the slats that hold the mattress to make sure they’re not cracked or coming loose. Wiggle the bunk bed every so often to make sure the joints are holding. If you invest in wooden bunk beds, wipe the beds down with furniture polish on a regular basis. These things will keep your kids’ bunk beds healthy.

Let’s see more pictures of bunk beds for kids (click to enlarge!):

29 Photos of the Bunk Beds for Kids

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