A Quick Guide To Electric Stove Top

Kitchen is an important area in a house and that’s why homeowners look for solid ways to design it. There are many things that play a vital role in creating a functional and attractive kitchen. One of these things is cooktops. There are various types of cooktops out there, but electric stove top is a preferred choice of a vast majority of homeowners. If you are also considering using this kind of cooktop in your kitchen, you might be interested in learning more about it. Here is a quick guide about electric stove top.

Types of Electric Stove Tops

There are three main types of electric cooktops. Let’s have a quick look at them:

electric stop top

electric stop top

Induction Electric Stove Top

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This type of electric cooktop powers a coil creating a high frequency electromagnetic field. This magnetic field penetrates the cooking vessels. Then, it triggers an electric current, which produces the heat to the cooking pot or skillet and transfers this heat to the food contents. This electric cooktop stops producing heat as soon as the cooking vessel is removed from the heating element. It is important to note that you cannot use cooking materials made of Pyrex, copper and aluminum on the induction cooktop.

electric cooktops

electric cooktops

Downdraft Electric Stove Top

The downdraft electric stove runs on a radiant heating element. It has a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean. This cooktop has a built-in exhaust system which pulls the smoke, fumes and steam out of the cooking area into a tunnel or pipe under the floor. The good thing about this electric cooktop is that it eliminates the need of using a range hood.

downdraft electric stove top

downdraft electric stove top

Coil Electric Stove Top

This type of electric cooktop is powered by spiral metal coils. In this stove, burner is capable of holding heat long after turned off. The downside to this cooktop is absence of on and off cycle. You have to use extreme caution when cooking food on this stove.

You can choose from any of the above mentioned electric stove tops based on your personal preferences.

Advantages of Electric Stove Top

Electric stoves offer many great benefits due to which many households prefer to buy them. Here are the top benefits of these elegant stoves.

electric coil stove top

electric coil stove top

Effective Heat Distribution

These stoves have a wide and compact solid surface which facilitates effective heat distribution to the pot. This way, they give you better cooking experience.

Easy Maintenance

Electric stoves are very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to remove any part of your electric cooktop to clean it. You can use a sponge to wipe out the spills and other food droppings from the cooktop surface.


They are highly durable. The surface of these stoves has a high resistance to carry the heavier cooking pots without being pressured too much.


One of the major benefits of electric stove tops is their attractive designs. You can easily find an electric cooktop in a design that compliments the decor of your kitchen.

Overall, electric stop top is an ideal choice for any type of kitchen.

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