3 Unique Types of Kitchen Island Lighting

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Kitchen islands have become a number one choice of almost all types of homeowners. There are various good reasons why they are popular. They provide ample space for cooking and for gathering entire family together. If you want to upgrade the island in your kitchen, consider installing new kitchen island lighting. You have plenty of good choices when it comes to island lighting. Let’s have a look at the 3 unique lighting options.

Downlights for Kitchen Island

These types of lights offer a modern solution to your lighting needs. Recessed downlights are usually positioned in the ceiling around the island. This placement avoids any kind of sharp and direct reflections on stone or metal surfaces. These lights leave enough room for decorative lighting. You can choose from a wide variety of kitchen island downlights. You can choose those downlights that are both decorative and provide enough lighting. On the other hand, some downlights are minimalist and don’t compete for attention. Some manufacturers are making fire-rated downlights that serve a dual purpose. You should buy those downlights that are water and steam proof.

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kitchen island downlights

Spotlights for Kitchen Island

Spotlights compete for attention and can effectively enhance the appearance of your kitchen island. They are easier to install than downlights. They are a perfect option for both accent lighting and overall lighting. Spotlights are quite versatile. They are available in a broad variety of styles, designs, materials, and colors. This huge variety makes it easier for you to find a spotlight that compliments with your kitchen island. One popular choice in spotlights is a three light plate which makes a perfect match for a square-shaped kitchen island. This type of light is available with adjustable light head, so you can change the direction of light according to your specific needs.

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If you have a longer kitchen island, consider installing a bar spotlight. It can be installed over the edges or the center of your kitchen island. It works really great with shiny countertops.

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Pendant Kitchen Island Lighting

Pendants are probably the most popular lighting choices for kitchen islands. They are basically used for decorative purposes. If you want this type of kitchen island lighting, make sure you have at least 30-36 inches of space free above work surfaces. If you have enough space, consider installing two or three pendants. You can create both traditional and modern look in your kitchen island with the help of pendants. The choices are too many when it comes to pendant lighting. You should take the overall design and decor of your kitchen island into consideration in order to choose the right type of pendants.

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pendant kitchen island lighting

kitchen pendant lighting over kitchen island

Type of Effect You Want To Create

Beside these three popular types of kitchen lighting, you need to think about the type of effect that you want to create in your kitchen. For a cool effect, consider using cool white lights of 4000K to 6500K. Conversely, for a warm effect, consider using warm white lights of 2700K-3200K. Bear in mind that you have more choices in color temperature.

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20 Photos of the 3 Unique Types of Kitchen Island Lighting

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